Erik Nunn’s Hobbies

There are so many different things to enjoy in this world, how I can I just pick one? These are some of my favorite things to do:

Erik Nunn in VacavilleErik Nunn’s FUN

It’s all about having a joyful life, and fun brings it your way!


Erik Nunn’s Music

If you have not checked out Erik Nunn’s music section, I would definitely encourage you to do so whenever you can. I began DJing with friends, and making my own mixes to enjoy on runs. Now I find new music daily, and I hope this year I can begin to DJ at a couple of places. If you want to hear some of my music, check out my SoundCloud, or my MixCloud.


Erik Nunn with a cliff bar

Outdoors with Erik Nunn

I, Erik Nunn, enjoy the feeling of getting outside and escaping from the busy world sometimes. Getting outside, and spending time with nature is one of the things that Erik Nunn really enjoys. Especially when living in San Diego, I try to find as many outdoor activities as possible for me to do. Whether it is Wake-boarding on my brothers boat, riding my bike down the boardwalk, or finding new areas to discover with Outdoors San Diego, I try to keep it fun the whole time. Check out Tom Leech’s website for more Outdoor activities. Maybe you’ll find something you like






Erik Nunn Free-jumping

Erik Nunn jumping off his favorite cliff in Pacific Beach

Free-Running with Erik Nunn

A few years ago I had stomach surgery, and had part of my intestines removed. After months of pain, and forced to eat a strict diet, I was determined to gain my strength back. In high school, I told myself that I could not run very well because I was short, and not very fast. However, I wanted to gain strength, and I thought increasing my overall body strength would give me the results I wanted.

So I began to run. And when I ran, I escaped all the stresses that kept me confined. For my first run I completely forgot how long I was running for and lost myself, luckily I had my iPhone. But while I was listening to my music, I could not keep running straight, I just wanted to jump over things, spin around in the air and flip all over…. Maybe it was the gymnastics in me coming back out. So I just let myself run. For the first time in years, Erik Nunn got out, and I didn’t care what people thought of me while I was running, IT IS FUN! And that is my favorite thing in the world, FUN.