As an entrepreneur I, Erik Nunn often wear many hats in my business for many reasons, but the main one is to save money. When you are starting up a business, you try to save money everywhere possible, and technology can be expensive. Web developer salaries average over $63,000 and application developers cost even more. Businesses that I have done IT consulting for, and others have an advantage when a C-level position has a background in technology. 

There are plenty of articles that you can find on the internet that have the same topic. And, I wanted to share a few articles that can help any tech savvy entrepreneur pick which direction you choose to go when taking on this challenge.

Which technology should you learn first?

Taking control of your own technology means that you are going to learn some computer science and programming languages, or at the very least how they work. No one language is more important than the others, and so choosing the right programming language has to do with what you want to do. Lifehacker published a great infographic on which programming language to begin learning, and it is a great place to start. Erik Nunn personally enjoys the artistry in the infographic, and the colors help me remember them better. If you’re not a fan of the large image, take a look at Vinicius Vacanti’s article “6 Things You Need to Learn To Build Your Own Prototype”, he does a great job summarizing the languages.

Computer Science courses recommended by Erik Nunn

Each person has their own way of learning, and some prefer the class-room type of setting. Fortunately, many top Universities such as Harvard and MIT have published their classes online, and users from anywhere can learn from top professors. There is even a site online which offers free online courses, EDX. But if you’re not sure where to start aGupieWare has posted an online Bachelor level curriculum for you to adopt on your own and begin your online journey.

Erik Nunn’s Fast-Track to Technology

Learning articles online and becoming your own CTO is no simple task when you wear many hats in a start-up business. If you’re looking for a fast router you may want to check out Lifehacker’s article on “How I taught myself to code in 8 weeks“, but prepare yourself for a fast-track of knowledge. If that is the path you’re interested in, I recommend start catching up on you terminal and command prompt skills, here you go.


The possibilities in life are infinite, if this is a path you choose to take, I hope this helps along the way.



-Erik Nunn