Hi there,Erik Nunn DJing as NunnYaBiz

A few years back… well 8 years back I, Erik Nunn, began to really enjoy Electronic Music. I found the wide range of sounds placed so intricately in music very amusing. When I was at someone’s house that I had just met that night through a couple of other friends and I was introduced to turn-tables. My life from that point changed.

It felt like I just had an “Ahah!” moment and realized how these DJ’s up on stage would make music continue so smoothly for hours. Meanwhile, I was embarrassed to tell the other people there how excited I was about this new discovery, because, well they owned these amazing devices. When I got back home, I quickly began researching on Google how I could begin playing with music on an 20-year old Erik Nunn budget and found Virtual DJ.

I made mix, after mix on that program! For hours straight, I would sit in front of my computer and match songs up until I had something good to listen to while skateboarding and going to the gym. After the initial 6 months of being obsessed with the program I began to take breaks, and later purchased hardware to continue mixing on. I was having a blast with my music, but too many times I asked myself, “Will other people like this?”

EDM music wasn’t mainstream popular yet, at least until David Guetta came out with “Sexy Bitch” and it was on the radio all the time in the US. I didn’t want to be seen as “DJ Erik Nunn” when the music I liked wasn’t popular yet, so I continued to jam out to my tunes on my own.

Within the past few years things have changed, my taste of music and EDM has gone from Electro-House, to Dubstep, from Reggae, and all the way back over the spectrum to Deep House, and more. So this year, with the support of The DangleZone, more amazing friends and family I am pursuing DJing by what some people called me when I found EDM, NunnYaBiz.

Listen to my mix from SPIN in February. Thank You Kava Lounge and The DangleZone for this night. It was a blast!

Check out my SoundCloud and I will be posting more information about upcoming shows soon. Thanks for reading!

-Erik Nunn

A new update: Check out my MixCloud, soundcloud is giving me some issues here and there, Thanks – Erik Nunn