1. Go to HDTracks.com and search for the songs that you would like
  2. Make sure that the Format is in FLAC
  3. Purchase the Tracks and once you are finished click “Launch Download Manager”
  4. Allow Download Manager to open
  5. Once Download Manager opens it will search for new Available downloads. If it does not, click “Check for New Downloads”
  6. It will begin to download the new music into your Music->HDTracks folder. (Shortcut on Sidebar)
  7. Once the track has finished downloading click “Show Downloads”
  8. Click the folder until you can see the FLAC files
  9. Click the first file, then hold the shift key, then click the last file so all the songs that you want are highlighted.
  10. Then Right Click and select “Open”
  11. The FLAC files will begin to format into Apple Lossless files
  12. Once the conversion is done, drag the whole folder into iTunes.
  13. It will begin to load the files into there.
  14. Once you are finished you can delete the folder (if you want) to save space, or leave it there…. But your computer hard drive might fill up fast if you keep them all…



If you have more questions call me, Erik Nunn @ Endless Technology Solutions – (619) 400-7581